Professional Experience_______________________________________________________________ 

More than 14 years experience directing and shooting.  Extensive high-definition camera operation including the PRO-35 prime lens system, live sports, jib and Steadicam experience. 



1994 – Present, Freelance Director and Camera Operator

Director/Director of Photography

                        “Captured” Oxygen Network, 2007
                        "Blog Cabin” DIY, 2007
                        “Wasted Spaces” DIY, 2006, 2007
                        “To The Rescue” DIY, 2004 – 2007
                        “America’s Biggest Pack Rat” DIY, 2006
                        “Grounds For Improvement” DIY, 2004 - 2006
                        “To The Rescue: New Orleans Special” DIY 2006
                        “Mail Order Makeover” Fine Living Network, 2006
                        “All Star Kitchen Makeover” Food Network, 2005
                        “The Whole Picture” DIY, 2005
                        “Material Girls” DIY, 2005
                        “Catalog This” Fine Living Network, 2005
                        “Naomi Judd’s Country Stars” Food Network, 2004
                        “Ed The Plumber” DIY, 2004 – 2005
                        “Weekend Mechanic” DIY, 2002 - 2004
                        “Naomi Judd’s Family Table” Food Network, 2003
                        “Kitchen Accomplished” Food Network, 2003
                        “Human Canvas:  The Sacred Skin” Discovery Network, 2003
                        “Vegas Deals Revealed” The Travel Channel, 2003
                        “Warehouse Warriors” DIY, 2001 - 2003
                        “Robot Rivals” DIY, 2003
                        “Classic Car” DIY, 2003
                        “Hardscapes” DIY, 2003
                        “The Ultimate Workshop” DIY, 2002
                        “High Rollers 2” Discovery Network, 2001
                        “Trading Spaces” TLC, 2000
                        “Real Sports” HBO, 1998
                        “Union College” Corporate, 2006, 2007
                        “McLean-Fog Year in Review” Corporate, 2006, 2007
                        “Baptist Regional Medical Center- Women’s Center” Commercial, 2007
                        “Baptist Regional Medical Center- Orthopedic Center” Commercial, 2007
                        “Gridiron Burger” Commercial, 2007
                        “School of the Arts Institute of Chicago-Move-In Day” Corporate, 2007
                        “School of the Arts Institute of Chicago-Meet George Lucas” Corporate, 2007
                        “School of the Arts Institute of Chicago-Students and Alumni” Corporate, 2007
                        “Pet Safe-Invisible Fence Sales DVD” Corporate, 2007
                        “Jordan Hill Live” 2006

Camera Operator

                        “Biography” A&E, 2007
                        “Pinks All-Out” Speed Channel, 2007
                        “Snapped” Oxygen, 2007
                        “International Profiles” History International, 2007
                        “Split Ends”  Style 2007
                        “Six Months” A&E, 2006
                        “Divine Canine” The Animal Planet, 2006
                        “U.S. Poker Championships” ESPN, 2003, 2004, 2006
                        “Knight School” ESPN, 2005
                        Live Sports Coverage CBS,FOX, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNU, Fox Sports Network, CSS, Turner South, Direct TV
                        “Score” MTV, 2004
                        “Date Plate” The Food Network, 2003
                        “Floors, Doors, and Windows” DIY, 2002
                        “World Series of Poker” ESPN, 2001
                        “Help On The Homefront” DIY, 2001
                        “Shadetree Mechanic” TNN, 1997 - 1999
                        “Club Dance” TNN, 1996 – 1998
                        “Nascar Garage” TNN, 1996
                        “Racetalk with Eli Gold” TNN, 1996
                        “This Week In Nascar” Fox Sports Network, 1995 - 1996
                        “Hooters Pro Racing Cup” Speed Channel, 1997 – 1998

Awards Received_____________________________________________________________________
New York Festivals Silver Award “All Star Kitchen Makeover” Emeril Lagasse, 2005
Silver Telly Award “Grounds For Improvement” 2004
Daytime Emmy Nomination “Trading Spaces” 2001
Aurora Platinum Award “Robot Rivals” 2003
Aurora Award “Ed The Plumber” 2004
Bronze Telly Award “To The Rescue” 2004
Bronze Telly Award “The Whole Picture” 2005
Bronze Telly Award “Grounds For Improvement” 2004
Bronze Telly Award “Date Plate” 2003
Bronze Telly Award “High Rollers 2” 2002




1990-1995                                East Tennessee State University                      Johnson City, TN

  • B.S. in Communications Video and Film Production


Military Service______________________________________________________________________

1988-1990                                                U.S. Army Infantry                                    West Germany

  • Honorable Discharge after serving full enlistment. 



Available upon request.

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